"We're all absolutely thrilled to see Kristian join a professional Spanish club. Since arriving here, Kristian has shown extraordinary commitment to everything he has done with us - and this is a really deserved achievement for him and his family. He has shown fantastic development and has improved his ability massively - so this is just a reward for his countless hours and dedication.

George Jermy

FC Malaga City Director

Kristian is extraordinarily structured and moderate in his approach to his training and, in general, to be a professional in his sport. Kristan never shows up unprepared for training and is always ready when the training starts. You can count on him as an athlete and a top professional player with a winning mentality and ambition that you don't find everywhere. In addition, Kristian is sufficiently self-critical, which means that high demands always are made on both himself and his surroundings. A personality who challenges his surrounding environment in the pursuit of maximizing his performance. Kristian's attitude is transferable, and there is always room to laugh and have fun, which is a personal trait that is relevant and rewarding for all teams. It has been a pleasure working with a type and a human being like Kristian

Mathias Mejer Knudsen

Personal trainer and Football player